Fiore di campo / Radio play

by Lucia Ronchetti and Aureliana Sorrento
Radio Film on Peppino Impastato (2015)
Commission: Deutschlandradio Kultur
Production: Marcus Gammel
Co-production: Studio für elektroakustische Musik, Akademie der Künste, Berlin
First broadcast:  Deutschlandradio Kultur, December 2015
Duration: ca 60 m


The  solitary and hopeless war of Peppino Impastato against the Sicilian mafia through the free Radio Aut,  is the inspirational source for an acoustical portrait of the province of Palermo in the 70ties.
The paralysis  gripping the little town of  Cinisi under the boss Tano Badalamenti and the struggle for freedom of the young poet and journalist, his martyrdom against an invincible, illegal power till his announced murder the 9th of Mai 1978, will be dramatized in form of a radio oratorio, collecting voices, sounds, poems and debates originated by his Radio Aut.
The free, auto-financed radio, broadcasting at 98.800 mhz, was the only possible realisation for a dream of democracy. The left recordings are read as creative sound-archive of a segment from Italian social history.
A german narrating voice will introduce and comment the audio film, conducting the german listeners into the web of the sicilian dialects and sounds.
The title comes from a poem of Peppino Impastato

Fiore di campo nasce
dal grembo della terra nera,
fiore di campo cresce
odoroso di fresca rugiada,
fiore di campo muore
sciogliendo sulla terra
gli umori segreti.